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March 2013

in Targets for each month Sat Mar 02, 2013 7:30 pm
by revandBellman • 5.222 Posts

Observers - Theme for the month is colour and clusters.
View the stars with naked eye or binoculars and list a colour for each one.
Castor, Pollux, Procyon, Sirius, Alhena, Altarf, Mecbuda, Mebsuta, Propus, Gomeisa, Wasat
M 44, M 67, M 48, M 47, M 46, M 93, M 50

Imagers - Double sided page of galaxies to work through.
Main ones are labelled 1 to 15.
M 95, M 96, M 65, NGC 3628, M 66, M 90, M 89, M 58, M 87, NGC 4438, M 86, M 84, M 91, M 100, M 85.
Maps are with Steve, If he has run out I will print more, just ask

Astro Scouts - Theme for the month is Our Moon.
Keep moon maps safe as we will keep adding to it over the next few months.
Mares Tranquillitatis, Serenitatis, Crisium, Imbrium, Nectaris, Frigoris, Nubium.
Craters Eratosthenes, Kepler, Copernicus, Encke, Stadius
Carpathian Mountains

Spectroscopy section - Continue with alpha and delta Orionis and t Tauri stars
Tejat Prior K5
Tejat Posterior M3
Mebsuta K2
Tau geminorum K2
Rho Geminorum F0
Kappa geminorum G5
Wasat F2
Mekbuda G2

Spam - Eta Virginids 14th March
eta Virginids meteor streams are groups of meteoroids originating from dust grains ejected from Comet D / 1766 G1 (Helfenzrieder)

NEQ6 mount, C6 telescope with skywatcher guide scope for moving around with Starlight SXVR H9 main camera and SX auto guider.
Celestron C9.25 and WOZ 72 in dome with atik 460 camera and a Co-star for guiding with alpy for spectroscopy.
MCT5 with SE mount and SXVR MX 916 camera and star analyser for spectroscopy
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