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Norman Lockyer Observatory.

January/February 2013

in Targets for each month Wed Jan 02, 2013 4:36 pm
by revandBellman • 5.222 Posts

New format - each section will have a set of objects with the aim to view and then report back at the beginning of February. Reports may include; easy or difficulty of viewing, anything interesing seen, images, drawings, data collected etc.

Observers Section -
Constellation; Monoceros.
Stars - alpha, beta and delta monocerotis
Clusters - NGC 2244, 2264, 2232, and 2301

Space Cadets -
Constellation - Taurus
Stars - Alderbaran, zeta tauri, Elnath
Clusters - Hyades, Pleiades,
Jupiter and its moons and the great red spot.

SPAM section -
Quadrantids, interesting space junk entering atmosphere and ISS sightings.

Imaging section -
NGC 2264, Rosette nebula, NGC 2346, NGC 2359, M 42, M 78, Horsehead and flame

Spectroscopy section -
Betelgeuse, Mintaka, Rigel, Sirius, Alhena (A class star for calibration)
RY Tau - reference star - HD 283567
DN Tau - reference star - HD 284571
DR Tau - reference star - HD 286036

NEQ6 mount, C6 telescope with skywatcher guide scope for moving around with Starlight SXVR H9 main camera and SX auto guider.
Celestron C9.25 and WOZ 72 in dome with atik 460 camera and a Co-star for guiding with alpy for spectroscopy.
MCT5 with SE mount and SXVR MX 916 camera and star analyser for spectroscopy
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