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Constellation - Cepheus
Stars - alderamin,
γ Cephei is a binary star approximately 50 light years away from Earth. The system consists of an orange subgiant and a red dwarf.
δ Cephei is the prototype Cepheid variable.
There are three red supergiants in the constellation that are visible to the naked eye.
The first, μ Cephei, is also known as Herschel's Garnet Star due to its deep red colour. It is a semiregular variable star that varies between 3.4m and 5.1m over a period of 730 days.
The second, VV Cephei, is also variable and ranges from 4.8m and 5.4m over a period around 20 years.
The third red supergiant is V381 Cephei, whose apparent magnitude is 5.66m.
Kruger 60 is an 11th magnitude binary star consisting of two red dwarfs

Deep Sly - Collinder 463, NGC 40, Harvard 21, M 52, NGC 7635, Marakrian 50, NGC 7510, King 19, NGC 7142, NGC 7023, NGC 7160, NGC 7380, NGC 7261, NGC 6939, NGC 6946, Berkely 94, Trumpler 37, IC 1396, IC 1442, NGC 7245, IC 1434, IC 5217, NGC 7243, NGC 7086, NGC 7008

NEQ6 mount, C6 telescope with skywatcher guide scope for moving around with Starlight SXVR H9 main camera and SX auto guider.
Celestron C9.25 and WOZ 72 in dome with atik 460 camera and a Co-star for guiding with alpy for spectroscopy.
MCT5 with SE mount and SXVR MX 916 camera and star analyser for spectroscopy
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